Welcome to the website of Rumcajs' miles!

25.05.2013 12:16

Welcome to the website of Rumcajs' miles! 
These competitions follows the tradition of famous 5 Days of Orienteering organized in Bohemian Paradise by our club Sportcentrum Jičín since the 70s .

This year you can look forward to the 4 stages in 3 days, with the competition center close to the historical city Jičín, which is known as a "Gate to the Bohemian Paradise". In the menu on the left you will find more information about these Rumcajs' miles competitons. 

Training camp

In the case of interest we offer you the organization of a training camp before the competitions. We will prepare orienteering trainings in the attractive terrains of the Bohemian Paradise. And of course, we are fully adaptable for your requirements and wishes! If you are interested, please contact us by email on the address: petr.spicar@gmail.com

We are looking forward to you!