Bulletin n.3


Event information

Organiser:          TJ Sportcentrum Jičín


Date:                    16. - 18. 8. 2013

Competition Centre:  Village of Brada (approximately  5 km apart from  Jičín), GPS: 50°28'04.54"N, 15°19'49.45"E 

Registration:     Friday – in the Stage 1 Centre: 14:30 – 15:00

                                Saturday morning – in the Competition Centre (= Stage 2 Centre): 8:00 – 9:00

                               Saturday afternoon – in the Stage 3 Centre: 13:00 – 14:00

Event schedule


Course length

Start time 00

Map scale

16. 8.

Middle distance


DH21 1 : 10 000

Other clases  1: 7 500

17. 8.

Forest sprint


1 : 5 000

17. 8.

Town sprint


1 : 5 000

18. 8.

Shortened long distance


DH21 1 : 10 000

Other classes  1: 7 500


DH10, DH10F, DH12, DH14, DH16, DH18, DH20, DH21A, DH21B, DH35, DH40, DH45, DH55, DH60, DH65, H70, H75

Due to the lack of competitors in the class H21 we merged classes H21B and H21C into H21B.


Competition Centre  – Stage 1 Centre   8 km

Competition Centre – Stage 2 Centre   0 m

Competition Centre – Stage 3 Centre    6 km

Competition Centre – Stage 4 Centre    0 m


The competitors will receive the maps in the last starting corridor 1 minute before their start. Waterproof plastic wraps will be available in the start.

Pictograms (control descriptions):  Will be available at each Stage Centre. They will be in white colour for the first stage, yellow colour for the second stage, red colour for the third stage and in blue colour for the fourth one.

Punching system:           Electronic system SportIdent will be used. One SI card can NOT be used more times during one stage. Each competitor is obligated to clear and check the SI Card in the starting corridors before the start. In case of punching failure, competitors will use manual punching system and mark the controls into a particular area provided on each map. The competitor will provide this punched map for a check in the finish area. No later complains will be accepted.

All competitors must download their SI card in the finish area immediately even though they have not finished the race.    

P and T Courses:

The competitors in the P and T courses can choose their start times from 00 to 90 in the each stage. They will use a “start as you go” starting unit in the start area.   

DH10F + HDR Courses:                

Courses  DH10F and HDR will be marked out with the orange ribbons in the terrain. HDR competitors can choose their start time from 00 to 90.  

Results:                               Results of each stage will be displayed continuously in each stage centre.

Price giving ceremony:                will take place on Sunday afternoon. The estimated time is Sunday 13:00. It will be further specified by the radio. 3 best competitors in all classes will be awarded by prices and diplomas.

Kids corner (kindergarten):  will be available at each Stage centre.


Accommodation will be provided in own tents at the camping place at the village of Brada (Competition Centre). There will be separated showers and the wash basins for hand washing and tooth brushing available. Mobile toilets TOI TOI will be provided.  

The camping site will be opened since Friday 13:00. Please follow the parking and camping instructions (see bellow) . It is NOT possible to get to the tents by car, but car park is situated just next to the camping place.

Please follow the instructions for the exit from the camp. The road from Brada is very narrow and in case of high number of cars there is a danger of blocking the local road. The roads for enter and exit will be signed.

The clubs will get the confirmation of camp payment at the registration office and based on this confirmation will be let into the camp by Martin Hendy (camp chief J)

Price for parking is CZK 50,- for the whole competition . It will be collected by the entrance of the first stage.


At the pension Brada (just nearby the camp) there will be hot meals, sausages, beer and non alcoholic drinks ready for you. On Saturday and Sunday morning you can enjoy a traditional homemade breakfast from our mums J.

On the competition web sites, you can find a map with marked restaurants in Jicin.


Should be handled over to the main referee in written form against a deposit of CZK 200,-.


Ivana Mrázková DKP                               

Petr Losman PHK

Miroslav Kovář SCP 


The competitions is organised in accordance with Czech orienteering code. All competitors compete on their own risk. 

Main organising committee:

Head of the Competition:  Petr Špicar

Stage1                  Main referee: Petr Žaloudek, R3                                Course setter: Martin Henych

Stage2                  Main referee: Jan Mrázek, R2                                     Course setter: Petr Žaloudek

Stage3                  Main referee: Ondřej Kazda, R3                                 Course setter: Jan Mrázek

Stage4                  Main referee: Ivana Bochenková, R3                          Course setter: Jan Beneš


Attention:          Because the competition is located in the Bohemian Paradise or in the town centre, it is strictly forbidden to use any kind of metal grips or spike shoes for any stage. It will be strictly checked at the start!




















Information for individual stages

Stage 1


Friday, 16. 8. 2013


Recreational place Pařez (50°28'39.940"N, 15°16'13.539"E)


00 = 16:00

A way to the start is marked with the white-blue ribbons


camp – Stage 1  centre: 8 km                             

Parking place – Stage 1 centre: 0 m                               

Stage 1centre– start: 1 400 m                               

Finish – Stage 1 centre: 0 m

Time limit         

90 minutes


Pařez, for categories DH21 1: 10 000, E=5m, for other categories  map scale 1: 7 500, ekvidistance 5m, mapped by Roman Horký spring 2011, reviewed by Martin Henych-summer 2013

Specific map symbols

Green circle – distinctive tree

green cross  – root stock

black cross – trig. pillar

brown cross – platform


black circle– small fenced forest


medium hilly terrain with hills in the northern part, good runnability, with many sand formations

Forbidden areas:

The competitors are allowed to stay only in the stage centre. The forest around is a forbidden area.

There is a children camp nearby the start and it is strictly forbidden to entre this camp. The place is marked in the map ( symbol nr. 709 – prohibitive area)

Pictograms (controls describtions)       

will be available in the centre of the stage – in white colour.

Obligatory route:           

1) start line – map start  (lampion), 20 m

2) from the control point nr. 42 across the national road

2) from the control point nr. 44 to the control point nr. 45 (via the centre), 130 m

3) final control point – finish, 80 m


it is possible to use the local WC at the recreation place and also mobile TOI TOI WC.


warm showers


juice in the finish, water, food and drinks available in the local stand


All the competitors are crossing the national road through the obligatory route from the control point 42, so please be very careful. This place will be checked by the organisers. Classes D21A,H20,H21A,H21B,H35 and T will cross the national road 2 more times (without the obligatory route), so please be even more careful.

The routes of each classes are crossing each other and the control points are very close to each other. So don’t spoil your competition with wrong reading of the numbersJ (see bellow).


Gundersen – win a special price!:         

The obligatory route between the control point nr.44 and nr. 45 ( via the centre) is announced as Gundersen. Every competitor,who will pass the obligatory route can go for it! You even don’t have to finish the competition and still can win J! Just come to the centre (place where the results are hanged) on Friday around 21:00 (the exact time will be confirmed by the radio) and bring your split times AND a drink – (If you are under 18 – bring 0,5L of Kofola and if you are older than 18 bring 0,5l of beer).The fastest one at the obligatory route will start as first and the others according to Gundersen method


2nd stage


Saturday, 17. 8. 2013


Village of  Brada (appr. 5 kms from  Jičín), GPS: 50°28'04.54"N, 15°19'49.45"E 


00 = 10:00

The way to the start will be marked with white/blue ribbons


camp – Stage 2 centre: 0 m

Car park – Stage 2 centre: 0 m

Stage 2 centre – start: 500 m

Finish – stage 2 centre 500 m (Finish is not at the same place as start)

Course lenght: 

15-20 minutes

Time  limit:       

45 minutes


Přivýšina, map scale  1 : 5 000, ekvidistance 5 m, map key ISSOM, mapped by Roman Horký -spring 2011, reviewed by  Tomáš Hanzl - summer  2013

Obligatory routes

1) starting line – map start ( lampion), 20 m

2) final control point – finish, 40m


hilly, good runnability, with lot of sand stones and rocks


mobile toilets TOI TOI


separated cold showers


beer, limo, cold and warm meals and something sweet to bite

Forbidden  areas            

All the forest area  along the marked way to the start.

Specific map symbols  

Green circle – distinctive tree

green cross – root stock

brown cross - platform

black triangel – group of stones


3rd stage


Saturday 17.8.2013, Afternoon


Football stadium  by  forest park Čeřovka in  Jičín, 50°26'38.747"N, 15°21'44.560"E


00 = 15:00


camp – car park : 5km

Car park – stage 3 centre: 500-800m

Stage 3 centre – start 1: 100m

Stage 3 centre – start 2: 900m

Finish – Stage 3 centre: 800m


Start 1: classes D20, D21A, D21B, D35, H16, H18, H20, H21A, H21B, H21C, H35, H40, H45, H50, H55, T

Start 2: classes H10F, D10F, HDR, D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D40, D45, D50, D55, D60, D65, H10, H12, H14, H60, H65, H70, H75, P

Start 1  is nearby the Stage 3 Event Centre and is marked only with the direction arrow.

The way to the start is marked with white-blue ribbons. The way to the start is crossing the national road, so please use the zebra crossing and be very careful ( see the map bellow)

Course length:

for all  classes appr. 15 minutes

Time limit:        

45 minuts for all categories


Sídliště, map scale  1:5 000, ekvidistance 2m, July  2013, map key ISSOM, mapped by  Tomáš Hanzl


The way from the finish is crossing the national road , so please be very careful.

Obligatory routes:

1) Start line – map start (lampion), appr. 20m

2) Classes of the start 1 are crossing the national route across the zebra crossing (which is nearby the control point nr. 36) – the competitors can cross this road only here otherwise will be disqualified.

3) last control point – finish


flat, urban area, grass and also asphalt surface. For some of the classes also very clean and hilly forest.

Recommended shoes:

Athletic shoes, It is strictly forbidden to use the shoed with metal spikes. It will be checked!


mobile WC


wash basins with cold water


Traditional Rumcajs´s stand

Forbidden areas:

All the competitors have to stay in the Centre and can only use the routes from the car park, to the start and from the finish. The other areas are forbidden. Please follow the fair play and don’t enter the forest and the urban area and the block of flats nearby the centre. It is also forbidden to entre both  football fields (marked in the map)

Specific map symbols

Black circle – kids playground equipment

black cross – bench , steel construction


The competition is held in the quiet town part, but without the transport limitation, so be careful.

Again don’t spoil your competition and read the numbers of the control points carefully.

We are kindly asking the competitors to be attentive to the other athletes in the sport area.

It is strictly forbidden to entre both football field and the athletics track.



4th stage


Sunday, 18. 8. 2013


Village of  Brada (appr 5 kms from Jičín), GPS: 50°28'04.54"N, 15°19'49.45"E 


00 = 10:00

Way to the start is marked with white-blue ribbons


camp – Stage 4centre: 0m

Car park – Stage 4 centre: 0 m

Stage 4 centre – start: 200 m

finish– Stage 4 centre: 0 m

Time limit:        

120 minutes


Brada, for classes  DH21 1: 10 000, E=5m, for other classes map scale 1: 7 500, E=5m, mapped by  Roman Horký -spring 2011, reviewed by Tomáš Hanzl-summer 2013


hilly, with lot of the sand formations and vegetative growth  


mobile toilets TOI TOI


cold showers, wash basins with cold water


beer, limo, hot and cold meal and something sweet to bite

Forbidden areas :

The competitors can stay only in the centre. The forest nearby is the forbidden area.

Specific map symbols:

Green circle – distinctive tree

green cross – root stock

brown cross – platform


   We wish you all successful and nice weekend in the forests of Bohemian Paradise!

Organisers of Sportcentrum Jičín.        




Additional  events

O – labyrint


During the first stage

System of the event- it is almost the same as the normal “lampion competition” J, only in the labyrinth… There will be 2 options of the track and the competitor with the best sum of the times will get the official T-shirt of the competition.      

Punching system:              




After you finish the second stage and you still have power, you can run the cross country. Length 300 m and climbing 60 m. First 3 can choose either T-shirt or Beer ticket J. 


Rumcajs´s  promile –  GALAXIE CHAMPIONSHIP!!


After the finish of 3rd stage, appr at  19:00


At Brada camp


3 members beer relay (no age different, no sex different, just one class) Only ladies will drink 0,3l of beer. Entries at the registration office – CZK 100,- for the relay. End of the entries is Saturday 16:30. Our “beer experts” will explain you the competition just before the start of first legs.

Prize :

some beers for each competitor, first 3 relays will win the beer tickets and the teams who beat BT TEAM will win the crate of beers. (doesn’t count if BT TEAM will be disqualified) J).

This competition is only for 18+!!!!! Younger than 18 years are not allowed to participate !