Additional events

Dear competitors,

we are pleased to inform you about interesting additional events which will take part during the whole 3-days competition!


Friday afternoon - 16. 8. 2013: O-labyrinth

Start: anytime during the 1st stage

Prize: official competition T-shirt

How it will look like: 


Saturday morning - 17. 8. 2013: Rumcajs' cross-country

Start: anytime during the 2st stage

Prize: beer voucher

Lenght: cca 330 m

Climbing: cca 50 m

Terrain: uphill, downhill, road, bushes, rocks


Saturday afternoon - 17. 8. 2013: "Beat Usain Zhaly from Jičín"

Beat our Jičín club member Zhaly "the fast man" on the finish! Whoever succeeds, gets official competition T-shirt.

And how will the finish look like? Exactly 200m on the track!


Saturday evening 17. 8. 2013: Rumcajs' beer relay

System: 3-member orienteering beer relay (3-5 minutes each leg)

Start: Saturday 19:00

Place: close to the competition centre (camping at Brada)


Saturday night 17. 8. 2013: Rumcajs' party

Place: restaurant of Pension Brada

Start: after Rumcajs' beer relay

Finish: until everyone falls asleep :-)